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Taylor & Francis Online Announces Enhancements to Reader Experience

September 15, 2015 12:05

From Taylor & Francis Group:

Taylor & Francis Online announces a range of developments to enhance readers’ and researchers’ online reading experience. The changes aim to take reading PDFs beyond a print-like experience by making the most of what the web has to offer. They combine Interact, a reimagined PDF which is ... <snip>

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EBSCO and BibLibre Collaborate on Open Source Software

September 15, 2015 11:56

From BibLibre:

BibLibre provides Open Source software and services to both large and small scale libraries in France and across Europe. With over 120 customers respresenting 500 libraries currently using BibLibre services, EBSCO views this partnership as an important avenue for promoting high-quality research resources to institutions in ... <snip>

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SAGE Launches Business Statistical Database

September 11, 2015 03:09

From SAGE:

SAGE is proud to release a collection of more than 4,000 statistical data series for students and researchers working on business plan projects and market research assignments. Titled SAGE Business Stats, it offers historic, current, and projected demographic and industry data points down to the zip-code level. SAGE Business ... <snip>

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Digital Public Library of America Releases Details on 2016 Conference

September 11, 2015 03:02

From DPLA:

We’re thrilled to announce that DPLAfest 2016—the third annual celebration of DPLA and its broad community—will take place on April 14-15, 2016 in Washington, DC. The hosts for DPLAfest 2016 include some of our nation’s most esteemed and important cultural institutions: The National Archives and Records ... <snip>

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New Paywall for Time Magazine Online

September 8, 2015 22:51

From Time:

We hope you enjoy all the journalism created by our editors and reporters. Great journalism has great value, and it costs money to make it. For that reason, we are changing how our site works starting on September 9.

Beginning that day, you will continue to have ... <snip>

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ProQuest Launches Database of Early European Books

September 8, 2015 21:37

From ProQuest:

ProQuest has further enhanced access to research this summer with the launch of the next database of Early European Books (EEB) with Collection 7, making another 7,450 titles available.  This will bring the EEB program to more than 40,000 titles and 14 million pages of valuable images from the early modern period. The ... <snip>

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Digital Public Library of America Adds Four Service Hubs

September 1, 2015 02:35

From DPLA:

The Digital Public Library of America is pleased to announce the addition of four Service Hubs that will be joining our Hub network. The Hubs represent Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  The addition of these Hubs continues our efforts to help build local community and capacity, and further efforts to ... <snip>

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UK Medical Heritage Library Digitalization Project Reaches Milestone

August 28, 2015 21:04

From Wellcome Library:

In July the UK-MHL project reached the halfway point, with over 26,000 titles digitised, resulting in nearly 8 million images. Our goal is to reach 15 million pages in early 2016.

Each of the 10 partner institutions has contributed books and pamphlets from a wide range of medical and health-related areas, ... <snip>

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Computer and Communications Industry Association Releases Copyright White Paper

August 27, 2015 23:30

From Computer and Communications Industry Association:

Following 20 hearings on copyright reform, the House Judiciary Committee could see substantive copyright reform legislation introduced before the end of the year.  In advance of the renewed copyright reform conversation, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, ... <snip>

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ProQuest Collaborates with Users to Enhance Platform Interface

August 27, 2015 02:25

From ProQuest:

ProQuest introduced an enhanced platform interface that makes it easier for users to complete their research tasks. Driven by deep analysis of researcher behaviors on the ProQuest platform, extensive testing with users and librarians, beta testing with a variety of customer development partners, and large scale A/B testing, ... <snip>

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Ancestry to Digitize More Than 80 U.S. Newspapers

August 25, 2015 23:41

From MarketWatch:

Ancestry, the leader in family history and consumer genetics, today announced its collaboration with Gannett Co., Inc., the largest local-to-national media company, to digitize more than 80 daily newspapers across the nation. Newspapers.com, an Ancestry business unit, and Gannett will provide a historical newspaper ... <snip>

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New Features Added to WorldCat Discovery

August 25, 2015 22:37

From OCLC:

New features added in August 2015:

Availability on brief resultsAll libraries that have added the availability option to their WorldCat Discovery subscription now see real-time availability and item location information on brief results. This means users know immediately whether an item is available locallyand where they ... <snip>

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World Bank Group Archives Available Online

August 24, 2015 00:31

From The World Bank:

This is a state-of-the-art platform, which maximizes the public’s online access to a vast amount of original primary source material in the custody of the Archives. Created using the Access to Memory open source software, the website facilitates a faster, more efficient, and personalized online service ... <snip>

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Smithsonian Announces Public Access Plan for Research

August 18, 2015 18:48

From Smithsonian Newsdesk:

The Smithsonian has released its Plan for Increased Public Access to Results of Federally Funded Research, based on the principles outlined by the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Through the new plan, all applicable publications and supporting data resulting from federally funded research will be ... <snip>

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ProQuest Scholarly Content Now Discoverable in Google Scholar

August 18, 2015 18:26

From No Shelf Required:

ProQuest has marked another milestone in ease of access to its rich research content. The full text of its scholarly content – including journals and working papers – is now indexed in Google Scholar, enabling Google Scholar users to seamlessly discover and access their library’s ... <snip>

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New Features Added to Congress.gov

July 31, 2015 01:15

From Library of Congress blog:

Since the unveiling of Congress.gov in September of 2012, we have been constantly adding new features with each release, and many of the features in this release are based directly on your feedback.

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Yahoo Introduces Livetext

July 31, 2015 01:06

From Yahoo Tumblr:

We’re introducing Yahoo Livetext - a new way to communicate that blends the immediacy, simplicity and ease of texting with the expressiveness of video, without the audio. We see video as a way to make your conversations more authentic, and we see text as a way to connect that’s quick and non-intrusive.

 ... <snip>

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Associated Press Footage Now Available on YouTube

July 28, 2015 00:14

From AP:

The Associated Press and British Movietone, one of the world's most comprehensive newsreel archives, are together bringing more than 1 million minutes of digitized film footage to YouTube. Showcasing the moments, people and events that shape the world, it will be the largest upload of historical news content on the video-sharing ... <snip>

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Copyright Clearance Center Adds Producers to Motion Picture License

July 24, 2015 19:25

From Copyright Clearance Center:

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global licensing and content solutions organization, has announced the addition of over 350 producers to its Motion Picture License (MPL), including Lionsgate Entertainment, (NYSE:LFG) producers of Mad Men and distributors of The Hunger Games and Twilight. The MPL ... <snip>

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