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Thursday, 22nd October 2015

DPLA Now Available as Browser Search Option

By Africa S. Hands

From DPLA blog:

Thanks to the excellent work of DPLA Community Rep Shaun Akhtar (thanks, Shaun!), Firefox and Internet Explorer users can make use of a new OpenSearch plugin that will add the DPLA as one of your browser’s known search providers. Firefox users may also install it directly through the Mozilla Add-ons site. This is valuable because it gets you to DPLA content faster and more often.

There is also a new route for users of DuckDuckGo, a privacy-friendly search engine. DuckDuckGo’s “bang” (“!”) operators let you directly search particular sites – for example, the query “!w Jesse Owens” will directly search Wikipedia for “Jesse Owens”. A new operator has been registered for DPLA, “!dpla”, and you can try it out in DuckDuckGo with “!dpla Jesse Owens” or “!dpla [the query of your choice]”.

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Africa S. Hands is an independent librarian with a focus on helping professionals understand and utilise social media and search engines through one-on-one tutorials and small group workshops. Africa tweets (@africahands) on resources of interest to information and higher education professionals.

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