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Saturday, 11th January 2014

ReferenceUSA Launches Tool to Analyze Business Trends

By Africa S. Hands

From Infogroup:

ReferenceUSA, an online reference and research database from Infogroup, announced the release of its revolutionary new tool today: Historical Data. ReferenceUSA leverages Infogroup’s database of 25 million businesses to launch the first-ever online historical data tool, with information dating back to 2003. The new module provides business, employee and industry trends by year and geographic area all in one database that is accessible through public libraries.

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Africa S. Hands is an independent librarian with a focus on helping professionals understand and utilise social media and search engines through one-on-one tutorials and small group workshops. Africa tweets (@africahands) on resources of interest to information and higher education professionals.

Africa can be reached at africa.hands@freepint.com

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