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Monday, 30th April 2012

Rutgers Study: Public Policies Increase Workers’ Access to Paid Parental Leave, Linked To Less Reliance On Public Assistance

By Theresa Cramer

From the press release:

According to a new study released today by the Center for Women and Work (CWW) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and the National Partnership for Women & Families, public policies can substantially increase workers’ utilization of paid leave as well as the duration of leave following the birth of a child. Given the variety and magnitude of positive health and economic benefits associated with paid leave in previous studies, Policy Matters, Public Policy, Paid Leave for New Parents, and Economic Security for U.S. Workersconcludes that paid leave policies can be viewed as proactive public investments in the health and well-being of children and families in the United States.



Theresa Cramer is the editor of EContent magazine and Intranets newsletter. She is a 10 year veteran of the publishing industry with a background in both newspaper and book publishing. Follow her on Twitter @TheresaCramer.

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