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Wednesday, 29th June 2011

Developments at Google

By Africa S. Hands

Google has launched several new services including a social networking project called, Google+, and a discovery engine, "What Do You Love?".

From CNET:

Google is taking another stab at the social space with a new service, called Google+.

For now, Google is quick to call Google+ a "project," and acknowledged that the social service still has "rough edges." However, it currently has a host of features to help people communicate over the Web with friends and family.

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From PC World:

With zero fanfare Google unleashed a site called "What Do You Love?" that functions as both a way for you to explore things of interest to you from kittens, crab cakes, to Chicago while at the same time promoting Google services.

It's well-designed and an efficient discovery engine that turns simple search terms into opportunities to experiment with Google's expansive portfolio of products -- some of which you may have never seen before such as Google Moderator.

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Africa S. Hands is an independent librarian with a focus on helping professionals understand and utilise social media and search engines through one-on-one tutorials and small group workshops. Africa tweets (@africahands) on resources of interest to information and higher education professionals.

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