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Tuesday, 24th May 2011

Embrapa adds 470,000 Brazilian agricultural records to WorldCat

From the press release>>

Embrapa, Brazil's Agricultural Research Corporation, has added more than 470,000 bibliographic records to the OCLC WorldCat database, the world's largest online resource for finding information in libraries.

Embrapa's collection, which focuses on topics such as tropical agriculture, food safety, family agriculture, natural resources, advanced technology and agribusiness, comprises approximately 315,000 titles in Portuguese; 125,000 in English; and 22,000 titles in Spanish. Nearly 18,000 records will link to full-text documents, most of which come from Embrapa's digital repository, the Informática Agropecuária (Ainfo). There are now more than 2 million Portuguese records in WorldCat.


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