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Monday, 31st January 2011

Study Finds That E-Books are Changing the Way Consumers Read

Results from the study described below were released last week at Digital Book World in NYC.

From the Summary/News Release:

In a recent study to understand how portable, multi-function devices or MFDs (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices, etc) are changing consumer book reading habits, consumers who utilized these devices expressed a tremendous affinity for them, struggling to come up with any significant shortcomings to reading ebooks on them. These consumers also revealed their specific preference for MFDs, usage occasions and their ebook purchasing habits. The two-part study with over 300 MFD owners who have read an ebook in the past 6 months, was conducted by online qualitative research firm iModerate Research Technologies and research and publishing consultancy, Brock Associates.


The study found that the top three reasons MFD users prefer reading on their device as opposed to a hard copy book are the convenience it offers (80%), the ease of purchasing ebooks (61%) and the backlit screen (41%). Moreover, the three most common occasions for reading on MFDs are: while traveling (72%), while waiting for an appointment (72%) and while relaxing (70%).

Read the Complete Summary

The slides used during the presentation are also available. You can access them here.

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