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Friday, 28th January 2011

Video: BBC Airs One-on-One Interview With Google's Eric Schmidt

Two items are available at this hour.

1. Online: Video 3:54 Chunk of Interview Video.

2. "Google: Eric Schmidt hints at China ambitions" is an article that summarizes the entire interview.

From the Article:

"We are the innovator and leader at scale," he [Schmidt] said, citing among others its maps products and its new Chrome operating system.

But he admitted that social networks like Facebook might have stolen a march on the company.

"We have been late at adding social capabilities to our core products," he said, despite claiming that the search engine was still experiencing high growth precisely because they continued adding innovations to it.

He dismissed Facebook as a threat to the company and was poaching staff: "We hire more people in a week than the total number of people who have left to go to Facebook."


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