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Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Ongo: A New Web Resource That Aggregates/Curates Material From Multiple News Outlets

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Today, a new web resource named Ongo launched. They're is going to try aggregating news (using humans, not algorithms) from many sources, provide a few additional features, and charge a monthly fee $6.99***. In other words, althought the content is likely free elsewhere on the web, Ongo provides human editors making decisions about what users will want to read. Plus, a few personalization features are available (see below).

If you want to try Ongo, a free day pass (no credit card required) along with a free month of service (credit card required) are available. Registration is located on the right side of the homepage.

News Sources
Ongo aggregates and curates content from many sources including:

The Washington Post
Associated Press
Selected Material from The NY Times
The Boston Globe
USA Today
The Guardian
The Indianapolis Star
The Miami Herald
The Detroit Free Press

More international sources are needed ASAP.

Access with a web browser, smartphone, or iPad.

Additional Features

Ongo Home – A single "front page" for the most important daily news, along with stories of interest picked by Ongo's editors.

Titles – Quick access to news by a subscriber's publications.

My Topics – A subscriber's customized news "playlist" arranged by title, section or keyword.

Clippings – A convenient place to save articles for later reading.

Ongo Search – Fine-tuned news search by category, title, date or writer with readily accessible tools for quick filtering of results. Search results cover all titles within Ongo, not just those in a subscriber's package.

Sharing – Invitation-only "Clubs," which are discussion groups among Ongo subscribers. Even non-subscribers can participate in Clubs, receiving emailed and posted articles from Ongo subscribers, extending the value of Ongo membership.

More Info Here Including A Video Tour

Ongo FAQ

*** Basic service is $6.99 and includes material from the Associated Press; all original Washington Post content from The Washington Post print edition; all content from USA TODAY; New York Times Picks, a selection of top stories from The New York Times; and selected content from the Financial Times.

Content from other sources costs 99 cents each.

See Also: Ongo: a "curated" online news service for $7 per month (via Ars Technica)

In addition to the content curation, Ongo reformats the news so that it's more print-like and easier-to-read, but in a Web browser and accessible by computer, tablet, and phone. And for those of you who love trolling up comments: they'll be available on Ongo stories as well, but only from Ongo members.

Ongo's launch comes ahead of the long-anticipated iPad newsstand expected to be introduced in the next couple weeks. Backed by News Corp., the news subscription system for iPad will be called "The Daily" and cost users $0.99 per week. It's not clear yet whether The Daily will also work with other iOS devices or whether News Corp. plans to roll out similar offerings for other platforms, but it's likely that the iPad will be the main focus for some time thanks to its dominant position in the tablet market.

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