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Thursday, 30th December 2010

The Wall Street Journal Analyzes Its Coverage, Releases 2010 Words of the Year

From a News Corp. Announcement:

The Wall Street Journal reported an analysis of the news it published in 2010 reveals an array of words and terms that starred in this year's coverage – many of which rarely appeared in 2009, if at all.

The Wall Street Journal "Words of the Year" highlights include:

+ "Greece" appeared 1,406 times in 2010 – compared to 213 in 2009;

+ "Tea Party" appeared 549 times this year, up from 46 last year;

+ Also spiking in appearances over 2009 include "Wikileaks," rising from just one appearance last year to 167 this year; "sudden acceleration" from Toyotas resulting in a jump of eight to 127 appearances;  and new airport security measures helping "pat down" grow from two to 19 appearances; The World Cup in South Africa brought "vuvuzela" up to 18 appearances from two last year, while President Obama's post-midterm election reference to "shellacking" resulted in that word's appearance 19 times versus four in 2009;

+ Words that appeared this year after a hiatus in 2009 include the "flash crash," a volcano named "Eyjafjallajokull," "check in" from Foursquare, and Deepwater Horizon's "blowout preventer;"

+ The April debut of the iPad resulted in its appearance more than 550 times.

Much More Available via These Interactive Graphics Direct from WSJ

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