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Tuesday, 30th November 2010

Wolfram|Alpha Expands the Amount and Type of Automobile, Traffic, and Related Data Available

Wolfram|Alpha continues to expand it's knowledge base and make its database an excellent resource to find not only mathematical info but also statistics and fast facts. In most cases, the data is accompanied by a graph and/or chart plus links to sources and an option to turn the results page into a PDF with just a single click.

Today, a Wolfram|Alpha Blog post by Nick Gaskill points out that they've added a number of data sets with automobile, traffic and related data.

Both the quantity and type of automotive data available in Wolfram|Alpha were recently expanded to include the amount of traffic, vehicles in use, auto-related injuries and fatalities, and road lengths by country. For example, Wolfram|Alpha can now tell you how much traffic there is in the United Kingdom. In addition to answering the primary query with the total amount of road traffic, Wolfram|Alpha also tells you the types of vehicles that are responsible for that traffic.

As is the case with Wolfram|Alpha Blog posts you'll find numerous screenshots and example searches including.

+ Canada Total Road Traffic

+ China Road Accidents Causing Injury

+ U.S. Roads

+ Trucks and Vans in Use Canada

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