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Tuesday, 30th November 2010

Reed Technology and Information Services (Part of LexisNexis Group) Partners With Iterasi to Offer Web Archiving Services

From a Iterasi Blog Post:

Reed Technologies [part of LexisNexis Group] and web archiving firm Iterasi will work together, "to bring to market a comprehensive web archiving service for corporations, government, and professional services firms. The new service is called Reed Technology Web Archiving Services powered by Iterasi."

The service will launch in January, 2011.

From a News Release:

Reed Tech’s Web Archiving Services create fully searchable and interactive archives that not only capture the way the website appeared, but also restore its functionality. Dynamic capture modules expand this scheduled or on-demand service to encompass the archiving of a company’s entire online presence, including company websites, blogs, Twitter, forums, Wikis, and more. [Clip]

“Organizations of all types that have a Web presence are just beginning to understand the potential consequences of failing to archive their Web communications. Our Web Archiving Services will help prevent those potentially damaging consequences before they occur,” stated Sam Hardman, president of Reed Technology. “By combining Reed Tech’s nearly 50 years of digital information services know-how with Iterasi’s Web archiving expertise, customers will be able to reduce their litigation and compliance risk.”

IterasiArchives markets its own web archiving solutions and social media monitoring/archiving tools.

See Also: The Open Source Heritrix Crawler (Free, Used by Internet Archive)

See Also: Archive-It, A Low Cost Web Archiving Service (Powered by Internet Archive)

See Also: HTTRACK (Windows) and SiteSucker (Mac), Archive Sites or Selected Pages. Both of these tools are free.

See Also: FreezePage (Web-Based) Archive web pages by simply entering a URL. Not for archiving large sites or many pages.

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