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Tuesday, 30th November 2010

Slides Now Available From "Partnering to Publish: Innovative Roles for Societies, Institutions, Presses, and Libraries"

From the ARL Seminar Web Page:

The Partnering to Publish seminar, jointly sponsored by the Society for Scholarly Publishing and the Association of Research Libraries on November 10, 2010, provided an occasion to learn about current partnerships between librarians and publishers in an environment where traditional roles are changing and to explore new opportunities for cost-effective and innovative joint ventures.

As the skills and infrastructure needed to sustain scholarly communication change in the electronic age, many organizations are reevaluating their publishing strategies. Smaller societies and institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of their authors to link research data with publications, repurpose content in new ways online, or push the boundaries of intellectual property to mix and mash-up. Librarians, meanwhile, are extending their skills to organize and preserve data, support XML workflows, and build deep understandings of digital rights and permissions.

Access session descriptions

Speaker biographies

Session One: The New Landscape of Collaboration (Moderator: Charles Watkinson)

+ Research Libraries Support for Small Publishers
Julia Blixrud, Assistant Executive Director, Scholarly Communication, ARL
DIrect to Slides (PDF)

+ "Recapturing the Essence of the Past: Integrating the University Press into the Library at Utah State University"
Richard W. Clement, Dean of Libraries, Utah State University
Direct to Slides (PDF)

+ "Information Life-Cycle at GAO: Content Creation to Publishing"
Bonnie Mueller, Director of Library and Information Services, Government Accountability Office
Direct to Slides (PDF)

Session 2: New Editorial Roles (Moderator: Julia Blixrud)

+ "Coaching Authors to Publish Better Papers in Better Journals"
Dr. Vivian Siegel, Center for Science Communication, Vanderbilt
Direct to Slides (PDF)

+ "New Roles for Librarians as Editorial Consultants"
Cindy Clark, NIH Library Writing Center
Direct to Slides (PDF)

+ "Partnering with Researchers to Share New Knowledge Through Digital Technologies"
Rebecca Kennison, CDRS, Columbia University
Direct to Slides (PDF)

Session 3: New Production Roles (Moderator: Rebecca Kennison)

+ "XML: Itís Not Rocket Science"
Philippa Benson, Director, Strategic and Business Development, Charlesworth
Direct to Slides (PDF)

+ "Old and New Synergies: Libraries and Journals"
Rea Devakos, Scholarly Communications Coordinator, University of Toronto
Direct to Slides (PDF)

+ "Building a Scholarly Publishing Infrastructure at The University of Michigan: Challenges, Opportunities and First Moves"
Maria Bonn, AUL for Publishing, University of Michigan
Direct to Slides (PDF)

Session 4: The Secret Sauce: Marketing and Outreach Strategies (Moderator: Julia Blixrud)

+ "Libraries and Publishers: Join Forces for Better Outreach and Marketing"
Monica McCormick, Program Officer for Digital Scholarly Publishing, NYU Libraries and NYU Press
Direct to Slides (PDF)

"Enhancing Discovery and Impact"
Susan Makar, on behalf of Barbara P. Silcox, Program Manager, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Direct to Slides (PDF)

"The Benefits of Collaborative Marketing at Purdue University / Libraries"
Charles Watkinson, Director, Purdue University Press, a unit of Purdue University Libraries
Direct to Slides (PDF)

Source: SSP/ARL


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