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Tuesday, 30th November 2010

New Infographic: "iPhone Facts and Figures (History & Specs)"

From Website Monitoring, a new and superb infographic of stats and facts about the iPhone. We also really like the design and the use of color.

The Infographic Includes:

1. An iPhone History Timeline (Begins January 7, 2009) with Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone at MacWorld.

2. Basic Specs on all iPhone Models

3. A History of the iPhone (via a Timeline)

4. A Timeline Showing When Different Models Were Introduced and Discontinued

5. Worldwide Sales (Graph)

6. Worldwide Availability (Map)

7. Interesting Facts (examples: iPhone Keyboard Can Handle 21 Languages; More than 300K Apps = 7 Million+ Downloads)

Direct to iPhone Infographic

Source: Website-Monitoring

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