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Tuesday, 30th November 2010

UK: "Academic Publishers 'Committed' to Librarians" + Full Text of Wall Street Journal Article

From The Bookseller:

The Wall Street Journal reports on a recent letter from the trade body Research Libraries UK that warned if journal subscriptions don't come down, librarians "will be forced to cancel significant numbers of subscriptions which will fatally compromise the UK's capacity for research". It called for publishers to restrain themselves on pricing and "acknowledge the reality of current budgets".

However, a spokesperson for John Wiley & Sons said the publisher was committed to working with publishers through budget reductions.


A spokesman for Elsevier said it was providing incentives for libraries to have e-only subscriptions to help reduce costs. He said: "These are very difficult times, and we will work with them."

Source: The Bookseller

Note: The Wall Street Journal article mentioned in The Bookseller story is NOT available full text (no charge) online EXCEPT if the Searcher:

1. Runs This Query on Google: http://bit.ly/wsjACADEMICpub

2. Clicks the Result Link and Opens the Full Text Article

See Also: Full Text of Letter from Research Libraries UK re: "Journal Pricing Restraint"


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