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Thursday, 11th November 2010

JSTOR Mobile (Beta) Now Available

JSTOR Mobile (Beta) is now available at: http://mobile.jstor.org/

The site is web-based (now download required) so it will work with iOS, Android, and Blackberry web browsers.

Along with a basic search box users can:

+ Browse by Topic

+ Browse by Titles

+ Access an Advanced Search Interface

+ Access Saved Citations

From the JSTOR Mobile Help Page:

JSTOR Mobile Beta is best used for searching the whole JSTOR archive while you're on the go, and then emailing the citations to yourself so you can read the articles later on a computer. You can zoom in to see pages if you are using a network recognized as having access to JSTOR and your phone supports zooming.

On Accessing Full Text Articles:

If you are not on a campus or library wireless system, you might run into access problems. If you are having trouble seeing the page thumbnail images or the full page scans, the “View in JSTOR” link can be used to potentially see what the problem may be and provide additional options for accessing the article pages.

If you can’t go to a campus or library wifi location, you could try navigating to www.jstor.org (or select “View in JSTOR”) and login to your existing MyJSTOR account on that main JSTOR site, then go back to the mobile.jstor.org beta site. Integration with MyJSTOR for the mobile site is something we are working on for a future version of the beta.

Source: JSTOR (via Twitter)


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