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Thursday, 11th November 2010

Europeana Will Soon Begin Adding More Than 1 Million Images to Online Collection

Europeana, the database/portal that currently provides digital access to more than six million items (images, texts, sounds, and videos) from European libraries, museums, and archives will soon begin adding a collection with more than one million images.

From a November Issue of the Europeana eNews:

From film premiers to presidential visits, news agency photographers have witnessed and recorded a vast number of key moments in Europe's modern history.

The result of their work is literally millions of photos, glass plates, negatives and slides that cover a broad range of subjects. Major domestic and political events, celebrity visits, snapshots of daily life, cultural and sporting events are just some of the highlights captured by photographers over the decades.

Despite the broad and interesting subject matter of these pictures, most are inaccessible to the general public because they are locked away in journalistic archives.

That will change over the coming months, however, when the EURO-Photo project begins contributing images to Europeana. It plans to add 1 million photographs to Europeana, including the digitisation of 150,000 pictures currently in analogue form, between now and 2012.

The images will come from 10 leading European news agencies in the countries of Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Poland.

EURO-Photo's work is important for two key reasons. The publication of the photos on a public portal like Europeana opens up Europe's recent history to citizens, while the digitisation work will help to preserve many of the original photos.

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Source: Europeana eNews

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