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Sunday, 31st October 2010

Archiving the Web: Papers from the International Web Archiving Workshop (Vienna 2010)

The IWAW Workshop took place in Vienna at the Austrian National Library about five weeks ago (September 22-23, 2010).

Here are Four Papers (All PDF Files) Presented During the Event:

“Archiving Web Video”
by Radu Pop, Gabrile Vasile and Julien Masanes

+ "The SOLAR System for Sharp Web Archiving”
by Arturas Mazeika, Dimitar Denev, Marc Spaniol and Gerhard Weikum

+ “Terminology Evolution Module for Web Archives in the LiWA Context"
by Nina Tahmasebi, Gideon Zenz, Tereza Iofciu and Thomas Risse

+ “Archiving Data Objects using Web Feeds”
by Marilena Oita and Pierre Senellart

Source: LiVING Web Archives


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