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Thursday, 28th October 2010

New Map App From Bing: “RouteSavvy” Route Optimizer

You can find the RouteSavvy App using the Bing Map App Gallery.

From a Bing Maps Blog Post:

The idea is that, when you have several places to go on a single trip, the Route Optimizer will provide the most efficient route to take. You provide a list of stops and click the “Generate Optimal Route” button and the app starts optimizing.

The first step is to add destinations on the map. “RouteSavvy” makes it easy to quickly add a few or 100 destinations – you can click locations on the map, enter addresses manually on the left-rail, or upload an Excel file with addresses on each row.

The remainder of the post contains directions with screen caps on how to get the most out of RouteSavvy.

See Also: Going Places? Bing Maps Optimizes Your Trips (by Matt McGee, Search Engine Land)


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