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Tuesday, 12th October 2010

Online Database: Library History: Info About 9,800+ American Libraries Before 1876 (The Davies Project)

A must have resource for the library historians, American historians, and even the library geek.

The searchable database published in 2004 by The Davies Project at Princeton University contains over 9,800 records for more than 80 types of libraries throughout the U.S. pre-1876.

There are 14 searchable fields including:

+ Library Name
+ Library Type
+ State
+ City or Town
+ Founding Date
+ Earliest Collection Size
+ Earliest Date for Collection Size
+ Latest Collection Size

Quicklistings allow users to browse by State and Type.

The database was compiled by Prof. Haynes McMullen, emeritus, University of North Carolina between 1960 and ca. 1995. The data cards that Dr. McMullen wrote and compiled have been digitized and can be viewed here.

There is still some user participation in maintaining the database

Access the Database Home Page

Source: Princeton University


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