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Thursday, 30th September 2010

Library Storage Crisis at National Library of Scotland & "U. of Texas and Texas A&M Systems Augment Storage Collaboration"

1. Scotland: "National Library in storage crisis as space running out" (by Mark McLaughlin, The Scotsman)

The National Library of Scotland on George IV Bridge needs around three kilometres of shelf space every year to accommodate its growing catalogue. It is one of only six "copyright" libraries in Britain, which have a legal requirement to stock copiesof every book and magazine published in Britain.

It currently houses around 16 million publications but at its current rate of acquisition bosses fear it could run out of space as early as 2014.

Linda MacMillan, an architect in the library's estates division, said: "NLS is vigorously perusing a three-pronged strategy to address the problem, which will ensure that at current growth rates it will continue to be able to accommodate the collections within its existing properties until 2025.

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2. "University of Texas and Texas A&M Systems Augment Storage Collaboration" (via a U. of Texas Press Announcement

The University of Texas System is extending an innovative collaboration with the Texas A&M University System to preserve library resources at both systems.

Following the successful completion of a high-density library storage facility at The University of Texas at Austin's J. J. Pickle Research Campus, the two systems announced plans for the construction of a new multi-million-dollar storage facility at Texas A&M University's Riverside Campus.


The new facility will house low-circulation books and documents, making available much needed space at campus library locations while allowing stored resources to be recalled as they are requested.

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