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Thursday, 30th September 2010

Social Media: Twitters Stats: Average Number of Followers & "The Short Lifespan of a Tweet"

First, from The Next Web:

In our control group [at TwitterCounter.com] of 726,521 users the bottom 600,000 (sorted by popularity) all follow more people than they have followers. The conclusion could be that Twitter, to those people, is more about following other people than about being followed. Or they simply want more followers and think that following other people is the way to do it.

Here's are a Few More Stats from the Article:

+ "The bottom 13% of all Twitter users has an average of 10 followers and they all follow 27 people back."

+ "...bottom 82% of Twitter users have an average 346 followers and follow 350 people."

+ "The top 3,7% of popular people on Twitter has an average of 1144 friends against 3207 followers."

You can find more stats (including yours) at Twittercounter.com. They provide a number of stats at no charge and plan to offer more for a fee. Here's one fee-based service they already provide.

Second, from Frederic Lardinois at ReadWriteWeb:

Judging from the latest data from social media analytics and monitoring service Sysomos, for the majority of users, Twitter is indeed mostly a broadcast medium. After analyzing over 1.2 billion tweets, the Sysomos team found that only 29% of tweets actually produce a reaction - that is, a reply or a retweet. According to Sysomos, just 6% of all tweets are retweeted and these retweets have a very short lifespan. Virtually all retweets happen within the first hour after the original tweet.

The remainder of the post includes more text, a chart, and a video.

You can also find info in this blog post from Sysmos.
More analysis, one table, and a two more charts.


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