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Thursday, 30th September 2010

Now Available: IFLA Directory 2009-2011 (Free) and an Updated List from IFLA's Government Libraries Section

Now available from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

1. Free PDF: IFLA Directory 2009-2011 (180 pages)

The IFLA Directory 2009-2011 is a guide to the organisational structure of IFLA. It contains in one place a listing of the names and contact details of the members of the Governing Boards and its committees and the steering bodies of all the professional units. It lists contact details for the staff of all the IFLA Offices around the world, as well as information about the IFLA website, our various publications series, and the IFLA Voucher scheme.

As in previous editions of the Directory, the period covered in this edition coincides with the terms of office for Governing Board Members and Standing Committee Officers. We have included the latest revised versions of the Statutes adopted by Council in 2008 and the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Governing Board in 2008.

Additional Info

2. Updated Membership List from IFLA's Government Libraries Section

Institutions and associations registered in the Government Libraries Section (IFLA no. 4) are displayed...The latest member to register has been the Spanish Defence Libraries Network.

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