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Sunday, 26th September 2010

Intellectual Property: New Database: IP Advantage from WIPO

From the News Release:

WIPO has launched IP Advantage, a new database which profiles the intellectual property (IP) experiences of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, and researchers. This tool aims to promote a better understanding of how IP is created and protected, and how inventors, creators and society at large benefit from the IP system.

The IP Advantage database is a fully searchable one-stop gateway to the wealth of case study material available on WIPO’s website. The case studies featured in the database demonstrate how IP works in the real world and how IP rights - such as patents, marks and copyright - can be used to promote innovation in both developed and developing countries.

The case studies are presented in a standard format reflecting the various steps of the innovation cycle: innovation – IP protection – exploitation – further innovation. They feature a variety of actors from across the globe and cover a range of topics, including branding, financing, partnerships and research and development (R&D). Various case studies also highlight the different ways in which the IP system can support the development of solutions to the challenges of climate change, food security and public health.

IP Advantage is free, user-friendly and currently features over 100 case studies covering 48 different countries – a majority being developing countries. The database offers an intuitive interface that allows for searches to be made according to type of IP, the object of protection (inventions, commercial names, artistic works) and/or the focus of the case study (branding, IP management, R&D, etc.).

Access the Database

Source: World International Property Organization


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