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Monday, 30th August 2010

Intellectual Property Search/Info Site IP.com Upgrades Search Functionality & Adds IBM Redbooks as Non-Patent Literature Collection

From the Website:

...a significant upgrade to our patent search engine technology. The new engine provides faster results and supports an advanced syntax mode. For casual users, it provides improved results without using any special syntax.


We're also pleased to announce the addition of the IBM Redbooks as a Non-Patent Literature collection. The Redbooks represent a unique source of technical art; we're excited to bring the Library's advanced searching and more-like-this capabilities to this material.

IP.com Searching Overview

+ Text Search Overview

+ Text Search Advanced Syntax Details

+ Text Search Advanced Examples

+ More-Like-This Search Overview (Semantic Search)
++ Powered by Textwise

From the About Page:

The Intellectual Property Library, launched in December 2009, is a free international database of patent and patent-related publications. It's goal is to encourage worldwide access to resources where innovators can easily locate and explore Intellectual Property (IP) including patents, technologies, and related art. The Library's collections contain an ever increasing number of international patent databases as well as carefully selected non-patent literature (including our own Prior Art Database).

The Library introduces some unique concepts in free online patent searching:

+ It is the first free access website to actively combine patent and non-patent prior art searching into a single resource.

+ In addition to a classic full text search engine, it also offers access to a sophisticated semantic search engine, creating unique abilities to rapidly locate related art.

+ It is one of the first websites outside of of the People's Republic of China to enable free access to SIPO patent data.

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