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Wednesday, 11th August 2010

Two New Presentations About the Trove One Search/Federated Search Technology from National Library of Australia

Two sections of this post. First, two recent presentations about Trove, from the National Library of Australia which has been very well received as a single interface/many databases (targets) search tool. Their slogan, "one search...a wealth of information." Then some comments, statistics, and examples.

Presentation 1

Trove: Innovation in Access to Information (59 Slides; PDF)

by Rose Holley: Trove Manager
Resource Sharing and Innovation, National Library of Australia
From: Innovation in Access to Information., 2010
In: Creative Industry Innovation Centre and University of Canberra, University of Canberra, Australia (Australia), 11 June 2010.
(via e-LIS)

The presentation demonstrates why Trove is innovative in providing access to information. It also discusses the principles of innovation for libraries.

Presentation 2

Trove: A Government 2.0 Showcase (61 Slides; PDF)

by Rose Holley: Trove Manager
Resource Sharing and Innovation, National Library of Australia
In: Special event at Australian Parliament, Australian Parliament, Canberra (Australia), 6 August 2010 (via e-LIS)

The presentation demonstrates the features and development which have made Trove a Government 2.0 showcase. These include opening access to information, sharing and collaborating, involving users in development, and a high level of social engagement in the service.

Comments and Examples

Each time we use Trove it's nearly a sure thing that we will discover something new and useful.

It's a wonderful product/service and because it has direct links to a lot of online material (including free online) it's useful throughout the world.

The homepage is also a treasure chest of current statistics (interesting transparency):

+ Current Number of Works by Material Type: 94,645,801 as of August 10, 2010
+ 7,198 searches this hour: 12 pm EST, August 10, 2010
+ 37,614 newspaper corrections today
+ 9,692 items tagged this week
+ 582 works merged/split this month
+ 1,046 comments this month

The FAQ has much more info including about several ways users can be contribute to Trove and a list of database targets. Fielded searching is also available. It's worth mentioning that records from many databases from around the globe are included in Trove. Including:

+ PubMed Central
+ Project MUSE
+ NASA Technical Report Server
+ CiteBase
+ Nature Publishing Group
+ and more than 1000 others...
+ Open Library (an Internet Archive Initiative) - online public domain books
+ Hathi Trust - online public domain books
+ Wikipedia - keywords (tags) associated with books

Example Search: "Sydney Harbour Bridge"

Note results from Amazon and Google in the left column. Also, you should see the option to limit to archived web pages. Here's a collection or archived web pages from 1996-Present about Kingsford-Smith Airport (aka Sydney International Airport). Finally, you can often content from and about non-Australian sources and issues in the archive.

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