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Saturday, 31st July 2010

New Online (Unofficial) Searchable Database: New York Times Wedding Announcements

New York Magazine reports on an independent database where someone (no name is given in the article or the site but a domain search shows some info) has gathered nearly 4,000 (3911 to be precise as of July 31, 2010) of the most recent New York Times wedding announcements and made them searchable. Of course, you could do this with a few advanced search skills and Factiva, LexisNexis, Dialog, EBSCO, Gale, and other providers of the NY Times.

Some database stats are also available. For example:

+ 466 mention “Harvard”
+ 913 mention “law firm”
+ 74 mention “Goldman Sachs”
+ 1,566 mention “director”
+ 1,028 mention “rabbi”

You can also browse using a number of "canned searches." Btw, this is a free text database so as you would expect the term(s) might not have a direct relationship to the bride or groom. For example, a job title might be for the bride's mother or the groom's father. Finally, quotation marks to mark a phrase do not work.

Not only is this database (potentially fun) but it might also be useful for journalists, prospect researchers, alumni groups, city historians, and others.

And since we know you're wondering:

88 mention publisher (~2.25%)
64 mentions of "librarian" (~1.64%)
37 mention Google (~0.95%)
9 mentions of "Archivist" (~0.23%)
7 mention libraries (~0.18%)
7 mention of Yahoo (~0.18%)
4 mentions of LexisNexis (~0.1%)
1 mention of "New York Public Library" (~0.03%)

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