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Friday, 30th July 2010

Elsevier and PANGAEA: Next Steps to Linking Published Research Articles to Associated Data Sets

From the Announcement:

Elsevier and PANGAEA - Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data - [have] announced their next step in interconnecting the diverse elements of scientific research. Elsevier articles at ScienceDirect are now enriched with graphical information linking to associated research data sets that are deposited at PANGAEA. This enrichment functionality offers a blueprint of how Elsevier would like to work with data set repositories all over the world.

This next step follows the introduction, last February, of ‘reciprocal linking’ – automatically linking research data sets deposited at PANGAEA to corresponding articles in Elsevier journals on its electronic platform ScienceDirect and vice versa. The new feature adds a map to every ScienceDirect article that has associated research data at PANGAEA; it displays all geographical locations for which such data is available. A single click then brings the user from the ScienceDirect article to the research data set at PANGAEA.

Much more in the Complete Announcement

More About PANAGEA (an Open Access Library) and Elsevier
Includes a Couple of Screen Caps

Source: Elsevier

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