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Friday, 30th July 2010

Now Available: Prepared Testimony (Full Text) From "Public Access to Federally Funded Research" Hearing

From the Subcommittee Web Site:


On Thursday, July 29, 2010, the Information Policy, Census, and National Archives Subcommittee [part of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform] [held] a hearing entitled, "Public Access to Federally-Funded Research." The hearing will review the current state of public access to federally-funded research in science, technology and medicine. The hearing will provide an opportunity to assess the issues surrounding public access policies, including the impact of increasing public access on scientists, physicians, and researchers.

Prepared Testimony and Additional Documents
All materials are PDF files.

Opening Statement of Subcommittee Chairman Wm. Lacy Clay

Prepared Testimony
Mr. Allan Adler
Vice President, Government Affairs
Association of American Publishers

Prepared Testimony
Dr. Steven Breckler
Executive Director for Science
American Psychological Association

Prepared Testimony
Professor Ralph Oman
Pravel Professorial Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law Fellow
Creative and Innovative Economy Center
The George Washington University Law School

Prepared Testimony
Dr. Richard Roberts
Chief Scientific Officer
New England Biolabs

Prepared Testimony
Ms. Sharon Terry
Genetic Alliance

Prepared Testimony
Mr. Elliott Maxwell
Project Director, Digital Connections Council
Committee for Economic Development

Prepared Testimony
Dr. Sophia Colamarino
Vice President, Research
Autism Speaks

Prepared Testimony
Dr. David Shulenburger
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

Prepared Testimony
Ms. Catherine Nancarrow
Managing Editor
Public Library of Science Community Journals

Additional Document 1 Submitted by Ms. Nancarrow

"Creative Reuse of an OA Article Demonstrates the Power of Semantic Enhancement"

Additional Document 2 Submitted by Ms. Nancarrow

"Why PLoS Became a Publisher"

Additional Document 3 Submitted by Ms. Nancarrow

"PLOS Progress Update: July, 2010"

Prepared Testimony
Dr. David Lipman
Director, NCBI, NLM
National Institutes of Health


See Also: "In Testimony, Publishers Say Public Access Bill Would Undermine Copyright, Scholarly Journals" by Andrew Albanese (via Publisher's Weekly)

See Also: "Lawmakers Hear Arguments for and Against Open Access to Research" by Jennifer Howard (via Chronicle of Higher Education)


See Also: U.S. House of Representatives: H.R. 5037: Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009
Track the Legislation (H.R. 5037) ||| Read the Full Text of Legislation (via GovTrack.us)

See Also: U.S. Senate: S. 1373: Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009
Track the Legislation (S. 1373) ||| Read the Full Text of Legislation (via GovTrack.us)

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