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Wednesday, 28th July 2010

Statistics and Rankings: Top 20 Countries on the Internet, and What the Future Might Bring

From the Blog Post:

+ There are a total of 1.8 billion Internet users in the world.

+ There are 32 countries with more than 10 million Internet users.

+ The top 10 countries on the Internet together have 1.17 billion Internet users. Thatís 65% of all Internet users in the world.

+ The top 20 countries on the Internet together have 1.47 billion Internet users. Thatís just under 82% of all Internet users.

+ India is the fourth largest country in terms of Internet users in spite of having an Internet penetration of a measly 6.9%. This thanks to its huge population.

+ Out of the top 20 countries, the five with the highest Internet penetration (not users) are: United Kingdom (82.5%), South Korea (81.1%), Germany (79.1%), Japan (78.2%), United States (76.3%).


Top 20 Countries on the Internet (in Terms of Users)

Here are the Top Five:

1. China

2. United States

3. Japan

4. India

5. Brazil

Access the Complete List and Graph

Source: Royal Pingdom

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