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Friday, 16th July 2010

OverDrive Publishes White Paper: "How eBook Catalogs at Public Libraries Drive Publishers’ Book Sales and Profits"

This white paper was first released about a month ago but with so much going on in June, it's likely it wasn't seen (including by us) or shared by a lot of people. So, here's the full text.

Access Full Text Paper (8 pages; PDF)

OverDrive has produced a white paper on the impact of eBook lending on publishers’ sales and profits. Data presented in this white paper will demonstrate the ability of public libraries to drive sales of print and digital content, with particular emphasis on the following points:

+ Unfulfilled demand

+ Increased revenue

+ Copyright holder retains control

+ Promotion

+ Discoverability

From the Paper:

In November 2009, OverDrive announced LibraryBIN (Buy It Now), www.librarybin.com, an online digital bookstore offering a comprehensive selection of eBooks for instant purchase and download. Participating OverDrive partner public libraries link to LibraryBIN (Buy t Now) from their OverDrive-hosted websites, encouraging patrons to click over to this new digital book retail destination. In this way, OverDrive builds on a well-established user base, directing patrons interested in download media to acquire and purchase eBooks. Retail outlets such as LibraryBIN reinforce that library sales do not come at the expense of retail sales – rather, library availability enhances retail sales.

LibraryBIN's Slogan: Buy It Now and Support Your Library

QUESTION TO READERS--ARE ANY ResourceShelf Readers Using LibraryBIN?
We would love to hear your thoughts.

Access Full Text Paper (8 pages; PDF)

Source: OverDrive

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