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Wednesday, 30th June 2010

Canada: National Film Board of Canada Will Digitally Archive 13,000 Films; NFB Releases iPad App

Two news items from a world class film organization today, the National Film Board of Canada.

Btw, they have a spectacular web site that makes more and more NFB available online, via the iPhone, and (as of today), the iPad.

Here are today's two news items.

1. National Film Board of Canada Partners with Atempo to Digitally Archive Over 13,000 Films in 70-Year Collection

...the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada, undergoing the complete digitization of its 70-year film and tape-based collection, has implemented Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) for its preservation efforts. The organization has integrated ADA within its digitization workflow to archive and manage over 13,000 works that make up 6,000 hours of content.

Founded in 1939, the NFB has produced and distributed bold and distinctive social issue documentaries, auteur animation, alternative drama and innovative digital content from a unique Canadian perspective. In developing their Digitization Plan, the challenge was
preserving this priceless audiovisual legacy for future generations while making these collections available to all on the platform of their choice, including theatrical screenings, online streaming and on mobile devices.

More here and also in this PDF file.
* The PDF is from Atempo.

2) National Film Board of Canada Releases iPad App (via NFB Blog)

Now available in the App Store is the brand new National Film Board of Canada iPad App. The app is a free download and the superb content it provides access to is also free. Awesome. Over 1,000 films are available and you can even store up to 48 hours of content for offline viewing. The app also offers a split-screen feature allowing you to search for a film while viewing another. All of the details are in this blog post.

No iPad but iPhone? No problem. The NFB iPhone app is also free and a ResourceShelf favorite. Like the iPad app, over 1,000 films are available as is the option to store material for offline viewing. The picture quality of the films and videos is superb even with our 3G. In fact, they're perhaps the best we've seen from any streaming service and they look great no matter if you're connecting via Wi-Fi or 3G.


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