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Tuesday, 29th June 2010

Martindale.com Begins Revamp of Web Site

From a Martindale.com Blog Post:

Notice something different when you visited martindale.com lately? That is because after many months in the planning, design, and development, we released our first major redesign of the site in over 2Ĺ years. This is the first of a series of upgrades to the interface coming out over the next couple of months.

...One of the primary motivations behind doing so is to better integrate the martindale.com and Martindale-Hubbell Connected experiences. People often think of martindale.com and Martindale-Hubbell Connected as 2 separate sites. With a different page design and even a different name, it is easy to see how users were getting confused. Connected is the community area of martindale.com and intended to be an upgraded martindale.com experience when you are signed in to the site. Itís everything you can do on martindale.com, but more and better. Like a martindale.com on steroids (but minus all of the bad side effects).

The blog post goes on to provide a tour (with images) of the new features. More features to come.

Access the Complete Blog Post

Source: Matindale.com Blog

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