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Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

Invites No Longer an Issue: Google Voice is Now Available to Everyone in U.S.

Register for Google Voice Service/Select a Google Voice Phone Number
or Access a Limited Set of Features with Your Current Number

We've been using Google Voice for a little less than nine months and we have no major complaints. Transcription sometimes has issues but voice to text is still far from perfect coming from most services, even Google. That said, even an imperfect transcript usually has enough correct content to get the gist of what the person was saying.

Perhaps the biggest issue is what to do with all of your long distance not to mention if you use Skype.

If we remove ld from our home phone, our cable bill rises (big time).

Now, back to our story.

From a Blog Post:

Today, after lots of testing and tweaking, we’re excited to open up Google Voice to the public, no invitation required.

Over the past year, we’ve introduced a mobile web app, an integrated voicemail player in Gmail, the ability to use Google Voice with your existing number and more. Over a million of you are now actively using Google Voice, and many of the features released over the past year (like SMS to email and our Chrome extension) came as a result of your suggestions, so thanks!

...Check out our revamped features page to learn about everything Google Voice can do.

Register for Google Voice Service/Select a Google Voice Phone Number
or Access a Limited Set of Features with Your Current Number

The blog post also includes a 1.5 minute video intro.

Source: Google Voice Blog

See Also: This CNET Article Has a Brief Mention About Google Voice For International Users

...international expansion is on Google's radar but it's a complicated problem due to different standards, laws, and costs around the globe, [Craig] Walker, [Product Manager] said.

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