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Thursday, 17th June 2010

Fast Facts: Seattle Public Library Mobile App (Cost to Produce & No. of Downloads) & For a Second Year, SPL Will Close For a Week

1) We haven't come across these types of stats elsewhere. Specifically, number of downloads and cost of a mobile app numbers. So, we thought the following was worth a mention.

According to a community web site (CHS: Capitol Hill Seattle) we've learned that the Seattle Public Library (SPL) Mobile App (for smartphones) has been downloaded about 3,000+ times (as of the beginning of June) since it became available in late-April. The app was built by boopsie and cost SPL about $7,000 in subscription fees. Development and installation fees were waived. The article does not say if the $7,000 were a one-time fees or if they will have to be paid every xx number of months.

Here's the first ResourceShelf post about the SPL mobile site from March 29, 2010.

More News

The entire Seattle Public Library system will close from Aug. 30 through Sept. 6. because of budget issues. Most services will be unavailable including access to info pros. However, many databases that can be accessed remotely along with eBook and audiobook downloads will continue to be available online during the closure.

The systemwide closure is one of a number of measures the Library is implementing to achieve $3 million in cuts for 2010. The closure will save approximately $650,000.

The closure will mean salary reductions for nearly 650 employees who will not be paid during that week. The remaining savings is being met through cuts to branch hours, management and administration, the budget for books and materials, staff computers and staff training.

Finally, the Seattle Public Library also experienced a one-week shutdown during 2009.

Source: SPL; Capitol Hill Seattle
Hat Tip: Peter B.

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