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Sunday, 30th May 2010

Preview Available Now: This Summer MedlinePlus Will Get a Makeover

Our favorite medical/health resource center, MedlinePlus, from the National Library of Medicine will have a new look by the end of the summer. You can get an idea of what you'll see on this page. Make sure to take a look at several other preview tool. You'll find links to them in the upper-right corner of the overview page. The homepage comparison is something we haven't seen before and is useful now and will also be useful for training once the new site goes live.

A preview of MedlinePlus En Espanol is also available.

Here's a list of a few features of the new design:

+ Emphasizes search and makes navigation more intuitive
+ Frequently used content is easier to find
+ New MedlinePlus logo for strong product branding
+ Web 2.0 technologies that help users share content
+ Distinctive color schemes for English and Spanish pages

Source: National Library of Medicine
Hat Tip: Pete W.

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