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Saturday, 29th May 2010

Mobile: Boopsie Releases WebApp for Canadian Librarian Association 2010 Annual Conference

On Wednesday, the 65th Annual Canadian Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference begins in Edmonton, Alberta.

Boopsie, a company that works with several libraries including the Seattle Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library, and the Santa Clara Public Library. They also work with library organizations. OCLC's WorldCat Mobile is a Boopsie developed app.

In the past day or two, Boopsie released a very useful web app/conference directory for those headed to the conference in Edmonton. It's accessible at: http://cla.boopsie.com. There is no charge for the web app and no registration is required.

Here's a quick list of what it includes:

1. Conference program (of course)

2. Sessions

Cool. Here you can learn what sessions begin within the next 60 minutes of the time you click.

3. A speakers list with name, company/position and the sessions the person is participating in.

4. Exhibitors List

You can browse the list and mark the exhibitors you want to visit. Each entry includes a sentence or two description along with a link to the company's web site.

5. My Exhibits

Where the list of exhibits you've selected can be found.

6. Sponsors List

Includes links to their web sites. Unfortunately, not all of the underlying web sites are mobile friendly.

And Now the Social Tools.

7. Direct link to the CLA Annual Conference to the Twitter stream for #cla2010. You can read here but not post.

8. Direct to the CLA Annual Conference Facebook page. If you login to your Facebook account you can post from here. So, if you link Facebook page to Twitter, your updates will post in both places and you don't need to to another page or open an app.

9. A list of Edmonton restaurants. With phone numbers and link to restaurants web site.

Again, the app is free and even if you can't make it to Edmonton, it's worth looking at for it's design and color.

To take a look at the web app, head to: http://cla.boopsie.com.

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