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Friday, 28th May 2010

Marydee Ojala On Reed Elsevier's Divestment of U.S. Trade Pubs and What it Means for the Info Professional

Reed Elsevier (Finally) Divests U.S. Trade Pubs: Facts and Fallout for Information Professionals by Marydee Ojala

Marydee does a wonderful job sharing the facts, often backing them up with additional links and doing it in a linear (monthly) order making it easy to read and comprehend since numerous people, print publications, databases, and websites involved.

When Reed Elsevier announced its intention to sell off its trade press unit, Reed Business Information (RBI), no one dreamed it would take more than 2 years to finalize or that the process would end up being so messy. It was in February 2008 that then-CEO Crispin Davis, announced the plan to sell off RBI, citing the cyclical nature of advertising sales.


Looking for the websites, I found that some, particularly the ones RBI closed without selling, have a website that redirects to the Reed Elsevier site announcing their demise. Hotels.com has a message announcing its purchase by Marketing & Technology Group (MTG) from publisher Dan Hogan, but nothing else. Construction title websites have a message saying they intend to resume in June. The least affected websites are for titles acquired by Canon Communications and Media Source. If you access, for example, www.libraryjournal.com, it looks exactly the same as when it was an RBI publication.

Much Much More in the Complete NewsBreak

Source: InfoToday NewsBreaks

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