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Friday, 30th April 2010

QR Codes and Travel: Qantas Launches Mobile Boarding Passes

Qantas joins a growing number of air carriers offering paperless boarding passes by using a smartphone and a QR code. For us, it's one less piece of paper to lose, forget, or leave at security.

From the Article:

A 2D barcode image is replacing paper boarding passes for domestic passengers using Qantas's new Mobile Check-in service.

Launched this week, the service allows passengers to check in via Qantas's mobile web portal between 24 hours and 45 minutes prior to departure.

Passengers receive an e-mail or SMS containing a 2D barcode image that is scanned at the boarding gate.

The service is available at airports including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Sydney Terminal 3, and will be deployed at Sydney Terminal 2, Adelaide, and Newcastle in the coming months.

As far back as 2007, we posted about Qantas using QR codes.

Other carriers mentioned in the article include Air Canada, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Delta.

Ameican Airlines has been offering the service for specific cities since 2008. Much more here.

United Airlines officially launched their QR code boarding pass a couple of months ago in several cities with more to come.

Source: ITNews.com.au

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Hat Tip: Paula H.

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