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Friday, 30th April 2010

Lists and Rankings: The 2010 Time 100 (Most Influential People in the World)

The 2010 TIME 100 list was released today. You can access the full list here.

The list (this is the seventh annual) is organized into several categories:





You'll also find a list with the names and links to interviews with some Time 100 Alumnae and the Least Influential People of 2010 essay. Yes, Google's "Buzz" made the list.

Each profile now includes a Time 100 Social-Networking Index Number. That's explained here.

Social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for instance, can provide some basic information about the breadth of a person's brand. The measures are far from perfect: they tend to reward the young rather than the old, artists and entertainers rather than scientists and thinkers. Lady Gaga has nearly as many Twitter followers as Barack Obama does; is she really just as influential?


On our index, Sarah Palin's social-networking score is about 45 times that of Nancy Pelosi. Conan O'Brien may have lost the Tonight Show wars, but he emerged with almost 20 times as many Twitter followers as Jay Leno (who was one of the TIME 100 in 2009).

Top 5 on Social Networking Index

1. Barack Obama - 7,740,557
2. Lady Gaga - 6,697,752
3. Ashton Kutcher - 6,390,600
4. Taylor Swift - 5,608,398
5. Oprah Winfrey - 2,907,504

One can only take so much of this. Ashton Kutcher is third on the list and the distance between #3 Ashton and #5 Oprah is massive. Prince is also on the Time 100 this year and his index number is 0. OK, this is silly. Enough.

The homepage also has links to more photographs (the highlight of the list), videos, and oh no, "Behind the Scenes with Ashton Kutcher."

You can learn about how the list was compiled in this video.

Source: TIME

Btw, Vanity Fair Daily released their inaugural "10 Least Influential People List."


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