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Thursday, 29th April 2010

Lists and Rankings: Top 10: America's Most Visited Cities

Background and Methodology Can Be Found On the First Page in the "Behind the Numbers" Section

To compile our list of America's most-visited cities, we used 2009 statistics in the countryís top 20 markets, as defined by Smith Travel Research Global. A market is defined as a geographic area composed of a Metropolitan Statistical Area, a group of Metropolitan Statistical Areas or a group of counties. A market must contain a sufficient number of hotels to permit further subdivision into submarket and price segments. Cities were judged on the number of foreign arrivals as reported by the Department of Commerce; occupancy rates as determined by Smith Travel Research Global; and the U.S. Travel Associationís information on tourismís economic impact. The list was then narrowed by the total number of 2009 visitors, as provided by the citiesí individual visitors and convention bureaus.

The List Itself is in the Form of a Slideshow that Includes a Few Facts Along with the Photo.

Here are the Top 5 of the 10 City List

1. Orlando, FL
48 Million Visitors

2. New York, NY
47 Million Visitors

3. Chicago
45.580 Million Visitors

4. Anaheim/Orange County, CA
42.7 Million Visitors

5. Miami, FL
38.1 Million Visitors

Numbers 6-10 Can Be Accessed Here

Source: Forbes


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