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Wednesday, 31st March 2010

A New Blog From the GPO: Government Book Talk

The Government Book Talk blog from the GPO blog went live yesterday with its first item, a welcome message from Jim Cameron (not the Avatar and Titanic director) but the person in charge of this new publication.

From the "Welcome" Post by Mr. Cameron:

Im a long-time GPO employee, working mainly for the agencys publications sales program in the areas of writing, editing, and outreach, but I also have a good deal of experience with the Federal depository library side of the house.


Id like this online conversation to be as informative and enjoyable as one wed have in a book club. If you have thoughts about a post, more information about a topic, or ideas about books to discuss, let me know. I see this blog not as a single voice, but as a community of book lovers, be those books print or electronic. Let the discussion begin!

In addition to the "Welcome" post three other items have been posted.

1) A post about March Madness where you'll read a bit about the "Sweet Sixteen" of government publications tournament that took place last year on the GPO bookstore web site. By the time it was all over more than 139,000 votes were place on the bookstore web site.

2) Titled Dr. Seuss in the U.S. Army, talks about a presentation he attended (at a Federal depository library conference) about, "Government Publications as Rare Books." One of the items discussed was a booklet selling for more than $600. Why? The art was drawn by Dr. Seuss (aka Private Theodore Geisel).

We're looking forward to more content from Mr. Cameron. Just from a couple of posts we can tell he has the knowledge, experience, and writing style to do a great job. Congrats!

3) One additional post discusses the Government Book Talk RSS feed. One is available at: http://govbooktalk.wordpress.com/feed/.

Finally, we're trying to find out if the current url (Wordpress.com) is permanent or the blog will be moved to a GPO server.

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