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Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Journals: "portal: Libraries and the Academy" Has Become an Open Access Publication

Some good news out of Baltimore!

From the Announcement (PDF):

The Johns Hopkins University Press and portal: Libraries and the Academy have announced an agreement that will provide increased access to research about the role of academic libraries and librarianship.

Beginning with the April 2010 issue, copy-edited versions of all accepted articles will be available in an open-access web environment. Six articles for the upcoming issue have already been posted online. The final, published version of the journal will still appear in Project MUSE, a subscription-based online database of scholarly journals based at the JHU Press.


The agreement, which will be re-evaluated after 18 months, allows for manuscripts to appear online after the copy-editing process is complete, but prior to the publication of the print version of the journal. The files will have a watermark to identifying its status in the publishing process.


In its first 10 years, portal has established itself as an important voice in library issues such as copyright, accreditation, scholarly communication, the archiving of digital data, student learning, and the development of partnerships both on and off campus. In 2002, the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) named portal as runner-up in the Best New Journal category.

Access "portal" Home Page

Direct Links to Preprints: Six Articles Scheduled for April, 2010 Issue.

1. Valuing Information Literacy: Affective Learning and the ACRL Standards (37 pages; PDF)
By: Robert Schroeder and Ellysa Stern Cahoy

2. Calibrated Peer Review: A New Tool for Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Writing-Intensive Large Classroom Settings (29 pages; PDF)
By: Michael Fosmire

3. Information Use in History Research: A Citation Analysis of Master's Level Theses (29 pages; PDF)
By: Graham Sherriff

4. Insights Into The Commons on Flickr (31 pages; PDF)
By: Jason Vaughan

5. Spanish Faculty Preferences and Usage of Library Services in the Field of Science and Technology (PDF)
By: Maria Pinto and Andres Fernandez-Ramos

5. The Imperative for Data Curation (10 pages; PDF)
By: Joyce L. Ogburn

Source: The Sheridan Libraries Blog (Johns Hopkins University) and The Johns Hopkins University Press


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