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Wednesday, 31st March 2010

More on NASA Archiving Its Social Media Content

Last week we mentioned that NASA was beginning to archive their social media. Today, a few more details.

+ Archiving will be done by a fee-based service that's part of the Internet Archive, Archive-It. They currently archive web content for nearly 1000 organizations. Each archive is keyword searchable. Here's a list (with links) of nearly 1000 collections.

+ The Internet Archive and NASA have been working together for some time to centralize access to NASA media (images, film, audio) at NASA Images.

From a NASA Images Blog Post:

We have started by archiving 54 of NASA’s Twitter streams. These 54 streams will be updated once a month, archiving every tweet from every stream. The next step is to archive nasa.gov, including all subdomains, and all of NASA’s social networking activity (YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Ustream, MySpace).

Access 54 NASA Twitter Streams (via Archive-It)


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