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Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Bing Maps Adds Walking Directions & Other Bing Maps News

Bing Maps has posted their March, 2010 update listing new features on the Bing Maps Blog.

The first item listed in the blog post announces that Bing Maps finally offers walking directions.

Chris Pendelton writes:

Walking Directions allows you to calculate directions between two points in a way that would allow you to walk down streets that wouldn’t necessarily be fit for cars. There is a limit to how far we will allow you to walk (about 20 miles) and we won’t allow you to walk on freeways, so don’t try (you probably shouldn’t do that anyway).

The other new features listed are:

1. How to Use Drag-able Routing Flags

2. Expanded Streetside Mini-map

If you’re surfing around in Streetside, you’ve always had the option to view the mini-map in the upper right-hand corner. This would give you a map interface to gain your bearings as to where you’re looking and in what direction. Based on user feedback, we’ve expanded the size of this map across the top of the Streetside image to take up with the width of the screen.

3. Application Gallery Redesign
Lots of cool stuff to try.

4. Local Search Enhancements

We’ve redesigned this experience and added a “nearby” option...One last thing to call out that isn’t exactly new, but hasn’t been previously mentioned is that the filters on the left hand side of the category results page lead to 1-click filters of your results by price, atmosphere, etc.

Full Text of the Bing Maps Blog Post.

Source: Bing Maps Blog


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