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Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Librarians Without Borders Presentation at University of British Columbia

On March 17th, Annette DeFaveri, the Manager of Childrenís and Youth Services at Vancouver Public Libraryís Central Branch, spoke at the University of British Columbia sponsored by Librarians Without Borders chapter at the University of British Columbia.

The report on the LWB Web Site was written by Heidi Schiller, LWB@UBC member.

From the Report:

[DeFaveri] detailed her involvement as a coordinator for the Working Together initiative, which was a $4 million, four-year federal project funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada, and included four library systems Ė Halifax, Toronto Regina and Vancouver.


Working Together participants found that many community members chose not to come to their public library because they didnít think libraries had anything to offer them, and because they didnít feel welcomed. The solution? De Faveri said public librarians need to develop long term, meaningful relationships with community members and groups to find out how the library can serve them best.


While Working Together is now completed, DeFaveri said Vancouver Public Library has yet to adopt the language of the projectís findings and recommendations into their policy documents. However, she said each library system is committed to continue the work of community led library outreach, and all are still in contact with each other.

For more information about Working Together, and/or to download the Community Led Libraries Tool Kit, visit www.librariesincommunities.ca.

Source: LWB@UBC


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