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Saturday, 27th February 2010

Chile Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Resources From Google & Others, Including Several Twitter Feeds

Google has posted a link on their home page to:

+ Ability of Donate Directly from the Page to UNICEF and DirectRelief International

+ A Person Finder Database Available in English or Spanish. At about 4pm EST (Saturday) the database contained about 3700 records.

+ You'll Also Find a Map of Earthquake Aftershocks (in Chile Region)

+ The American Red Cross Disaster Newsroom includes video updates from the International Response Operations and other information from the International Response Operations Center.

Twitter Feeds

+ American Red Cross HQ

+ International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

+ Red Cross-Chile (Spanish)

+ Red Cross-Chile (Translated via Google Into English)

++ Red Cross-Hawaii

++ People Finder for Tsunami (Hawaii and Other Locations in the Pacific)

++ U.S. Department of State (DipNote)

Maps and Aerial Imagery

The OpenStreetMap Wiki lists several resources. According to the this source,

As of February 2010, the only high resolution image data available is the normal Yahoo! Aerial Imagery. This only covers Santiago (coverage map) and Iquique, and is pre quake (around 10 years old). Low resolution Landsat imagery is available for the entire impacted area.

(In Spanish) UStream is Providing a Live Stream of TV de Chile

Live Streams of TV from Hawaii (via UStream)

++ A Wikipedia Entry is Being Developed and Update. It covers the earthquake and tsunami.

Sources: Examiner.com, Google, Various Twitter Feeds, Wikipedia

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