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Friday, 26th February 2010

A Mobile Library on the Backs of Donkeys, It's Biblioburro

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we posted about a mobile library where books are delivered by camel.

Today, we move to rural Columbia to meet, Luis Soriano, 38, [a] primary school teacher who, "spends his free time operating a mobile library from the backs of donkeys."

Soriano rides his "Biblioburro" with a bag full of more than a hundred books through "abandoned regions" in the Columbian state of Magdalena to reach thousands of children who don't or can't attend school. Soriano has helped more than 4,000 youngsters with their homework, geography and reading.

It's not always a safe and easy job.

He has fractured his leg and been "pounced on" by bandits.

Soriano has ridden the donkeys over 4,000 hours delivering books and helping with homework. He has no plans to slow down.

Soriano and his wife have also built the largest free library in Magdalena next to their home.

It's only February but this story will likely be one of the most interesting, charming, and yes, even important stories of the year.

Luis Soriano has been named a CNN Hero and a video about him is embedded in the article. We hope he is also recognized by some of the major library, education, and reading organizations around the world for his work.

A tip of the ResourceShelf cap today to Luis Soriano for his wonderful work.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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