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Monday, 8th February 2010

Digital Preservation: SPIE to Preserve E-Books in Portico

From the Announcement:

Portico (www.portico.org) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with SPIE to preserve its current collection of 93 e-books as well as those to be published in the future. Through this agreement with Portico, SPIE furthers its preservation strategy, which already includes participation in Portico since 2007 on behalf of its entire e-journals collection, and ensures that its e-books will be preserved and available for future scholars, researchers, and students.

SPIE is an international non-profit society that was founded in 1955 to advance the technology of optics, photonics, and imaging engineering through information exchange, education, publications, and sponsorships. SPIE publishes six refereed journals, a member magazine, a technical news website, as well as conference proceedings and peer-reviewed handbooks, reference books, and tutorials.

As part of the agreement, SPIE will make an additional financial contribution to Portico to support its preservation activities and has also named Portico as a mechanism to fill post-cancellation access claims.

With the inclusion of SPIE's 93 e-books, 34,000 e-books and over 10,700 e-journals from 91 publishers on behalf of over 2,000 societies and associations have now been entrusted to the Portico archive.

See Also: e-Journal Holdings

See Also: E-Book Holdings

Source: Portico

See Also: Professional Literature: e-Books Officially Launch as a Part of SPIE Digital Library (ResourceShelf, Feb. 4, 2010.


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