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Sunday, 31st January 2010

Search and Find Only OAIster Content with New “OAIster Only” Interface from WorldCat/OCLC

A little over a year ago, OCLC and the University of Michigan formed a partnership the would “ensure continued public access to open-archive collections through the OAIster database, and will expand the visibility of these collections to millions of information seekers through OCLC services”

Then transition was completed by the end of October, 2009 and OAIster records could be searched only using the primary WorldCat interface.

OCLC said that a OAIster only interface would be available sometime in January, 2010.

Now the news.

As of today, an OAIster only interface to more than 23 million bibliographic records is online and ready to use. You’ll find the OAIster Only interface at: http://oaister.worldcat.org/. An advanced interface is also available. You'll also see many of the options WorldCat offers to narrow and focus a search. In essence, this is a version of WorldCat that only searches a single database of content.

Both the documentation notes and from what we’ve seen it after trying a few searches, you can still find OAIster content using the primary WorldCat interface.

Another New Feature from WorldCat That We Posted About Yesterday:
Find a Library” Database from WorldCat Adds Tools To Assist Finding by “Type” of Library

Source: OCLC
?Hat Tip: Peter S., OATP


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